Monday, August 24, 2009

View from my window

After seeing Pat's view from her window. I thought I'd show you a photo from my window, taken today. It has been going from showers of rain to sunshine all day. The cattle in the paddock belong to our neighbour.

Now you know that my "header photo" is in fact from my sewing room, taken in winter time. We have rainbows showing across the valley all the time.

I also decided to put in a photo of our other Golden Retriever, "Sam". He's getting on years - he's deaf, has an old husky bark and is 13 years old (in human years). "Kelly" has rich golden reddish fur, whereas "Sam" is the very blonde fur.


Khris is having a "50,000 visit" giveaway on her blog. She will give/make one of her dolls. There are so many talented ladies around in blogland.


  1. What a lovely view. :)

    Golden retrievers are beautiful dogs.

  2. A beautiful view Susan! Do you live out in the country? And Sam is very handsome. My cat is an old man now and getting white around the mouth. He is still a dear and we treasure each day we have with him.

    Hugs ~

  3. Susan,
    Your view is great too!
    Pat from FL & MI

  4. What an incredible view! The photo were wonderful!