Saturday, August 8, 2009

One of my passions

It's interesting to see how many of us have more than one "crafty passion"!

I was 8 years old when I learnt to embroider in my school class. I remember the "big year 7 girls" coming over to help us out. It involved threading wool and sewing patterns on hesian bags. This is in the late 1960's. Both my grandmothers sewed, knitted and embroidered. My mother embroidered a new cushion cover while in hospital having each of us children. She also made all our clothes on the "good ole" Singer treadle sewing machine. It is still going and she still uses it. I used it days before I left home to get married, making my "going away outfit" on it.

Birthday presents and end of year class honour gifts to me, were embroider sets. I learnt knitting, then learnt to crochet when I was 12 years old, by a lovely old lady who lived up the street from us. She was so tidy and particular that I had to sit around the corner from the kitchen door on the back verandah. Makes we smile when I think about it. I then went home and taught my mum how to crochet. From my teens, due to "Home Ec" in high school and into my twenties, I did my own dress making.

Mid twenties I discovered cross-stitch. The ladies that served me, in the shop I bought my first kit, book and threads from, kindly warned me "it was addictive"!! They were exactly right. I haven't stopped. In amongst that I got into bobbin lace making, then patchwork and quilting.

My most recent cross-stitch was a gift to Kaaren. I made one for myself, only personalizing it for me instead.

However, I have many large and small one's on the go all the time. Many getting completed and moving onto the next. The last two "large" ones, completed last year, were the Dear Jane Cross-stitch designs by Linda Myers. They are "Quilt Sampler VI: leaflet 79" and "Quilt Sampler XIV: leaflet 92"
So, um Sew....many crafty passions. I can never say I'm bored and don't know what to do with myself!!


Here is a lovely giveaway for Lynn B’s one year blog anniversary. Another lady passionate about cross-stitch!!


  1. I am also a very eclectic person and love all the things that you do. it makes for an interesting life.

  2. wow...the sampler pincushion looks gorgeous...

    It was nice to read your reminds me of my early days of learning hand embroidery from my mom and my very old singer treadle sewing machine. It is still there in my parents home, and i use it when i go there