Thursday, August 6, 2009

My turn to be unwell

A few posts back I talked of health, wellbeing and thankfulness, after being "Nurse Mum" on my rounds between my two children.

While I did the checking and giving of medication I had time to sit quietly while they slept and made the following:

It is a "Travel Case" pattern my friend Cyn sent me. A design from P3Designs. This designer has a couple of variations on this design.
It is very simple and cute. The cutting mat in the back pocket, is 7inches by 5inches, so it's a mini "travel case". Cyn very kindly sent me the mat. I hadn't seen that size mat before. Next time I'm near a large store I'd like to buy one of the mini rotaty cutters and a few other things to put in it as well.

However, as my blog title reads "it's my turn at being unwell."
It started just over 6 days ago. Initially the horrible symptoms of flu with fever and sore throat. Anyway it continued on to an extremely sore throat, that makes my head want to burst open, with all sorts of secondary pain in my teeth, jaws, neck, eye socket, ears and so forth. It is now quinsy. I've had to go in for antibiotic injections the last couple of days and more to come. My doctor said if our country hospital wasn't so full, as it is at the moment, he'd have me in hospital. I am struggling to eat and drink, let alone anything else.
- But I'm thankful I can get up, then quickly get back to a warm comfortable bed.
- I'm thankful for the "cariness" of my family. The kids have been fantastic, giving back their love and attention they received some weeks ago.
- Before I fall asleep again, I can pray for friends and their needs.
- I'm thankful the next breath God gives me and accept His purposes for my days, right at the moment. It includes not being able to go up to Perth with hubby for a preaching/teaching engagement he has in Perth. He'll take our daughter up, who will enjoy spending time alone with her grandparents, something she hasn't done before. My son will stay behind helping to keep things happening here on the home front.


  1. I pray that you are well soon. It sounds like a terrible flu. Just rest and if you have to go to the hospital, please do.

  2. Oh Dear!!! That sounds like a really nasty bug! I'm glad your family and the doctor are taking good care of you.

    I love that travel case! I hope you get to travel soon so you can use it.

    Rest well and take care.

  3. Take care of yourself and get well soon, Susan.

    Being sick is no fun at all. Please let us know how you're getting on when you feel up to it.

  4. Susan,

    My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. Please take care and know that you have the greatest healer right beside you, God is watching over you.

    Rest well and get better soon!


    Elaine in SLO, Ca

  5. I am praying for your speedy recovery. May our Almighty God heal you in the Name of Jesus!

  6. Your travel case is beautiful. It's no fun being sick. I hope you are feeling better soon. Get lots of rest.

  7. Hi Susan! You did an amazing job on your Travel Case -- the fabrics you chose are really pretty! Glad you like the little Rotary Mat. I see you crocheted another heart and put it on the front. It looks great! The heart you made for me will be on the front of my little sewing kit.
    Sorry to hear you are ill. Please get lots of rest and I pray you have a quick and complete recovery!
    Love n hugs,

  8. the travel case looks gorgeous...
    i hope, by now you have totally recovered from the flu....have a nice day