Saturday, January 26, 2013

Months have turn into over a year!!!

A number of blogs I keep up with have had "time off" for a while.  Life's happenings happen...and before you know it, time has flown.

Since I last posted we had two months away travelling across the world - USA, London, Paris, Malta, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Petra and the Philippines.  Christmas 2011 was spent in the US and we celebrated our daughter's 13th birthday at Disney World, Florida. 

July 2012 spent two weeks in India.  While my husband was preaching and teaching at Pastors and Deacons meetings and in villages, my daughter and I experienced true village life in Kotagiri.  Walked the streets with hundreds of people, animals and vehicles!!!  Spent time in the home of many and prayed with and for many, including police on duty at a tourist destination.

October 2012 my husband and son went to Fiji for two weeks. Us "girls" stayed home this time.  Upshot of the Fiji trip is that our son has met a lovely Christian girl, and they have kept in contact since.

January 2013 already had three weeks in Mwanza, Tanzania. Again ministry amongst the pastors, deacons, leaders and their wives, plus children's ministry.  All very rewarding and a great blessing. We also had two days in the Serengeti National Park, experiencing all the wonderful native African animals up close.  Including many lions and cubs, elephants walking around the vehicle, giraffes, buffalo, leopard and her cub in a tree and much more.

In amongst it all, I worked full-time as a chaplain in three schools. Then the normal home duties and local church ministry.  I didn't get a lot of crafting done, which I really felt, as it is definitely my way of relaxing and having quiet time to think, plan and be in a state of contentment.

So this year? I have finished working as chaplain in the first school I started at, which will save me a lot of travel time. I'll be working three days a week in my own town instead.  Hopefully from this I can get some crafting time again.  I need to get back into my "Dear Jane" quilt and a few other things like that.