Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Treasure Box of Memories

I loved seeing the different projects on Blackbird Designs using their Petites Lettres Rouges sampler. So decided I wanted to make a treasure box of memories for both my grandmothers and my mum, who all were talented at hand work, as I referred to in a recent blog.

The treasure box will include:

- a small sampler for each, personalizing with their own name
- a heart needlecase which will turn in to a “cloth book” with details of their ancestory, lives and their interests and some important facts
- a pincushion with design done by myself – after playing around with a “Cross-stitch program” I have on my computer – I found it was quite easy!!
- Somes photos of them as young women and their marriage photo
- Plus anything else I think of along the way.

Here is what I’ve started for my Nanna Hill, she passed into glory in 1989. I'm using "Duck Egg Blue" throughout the projects. She had her lounge room painted with this, had it in the upholstery fabric and on a floor carpet. Also a round mounted plate with an "old fashioned girl" in it on the wall.


  1. wow...what a thoughtfull idea....i love the blue colour...

  2. What a super idea, Susan. Please show us more pictures as you proceed.

    Aren't lambs precious? I have a sheep/lamb collection that I display in our guest bedroom.

  3. Such a beautiful idea, Susan. Duck egg blue is a gorgeous colour, a perfect choice for your Nanna.

  4. What a fantastic way to honor the women who are dear to you.

  5. Hi Susan! I just emailed you with answers to the things you are searching for. I hope that helps. I love the idea of a memory box. It is a wonderful way to honor your past and remember those we love. I will look forward to seeing it as it grows.

    Hugs ~