Friday, June 4, 2010

A Bag Sew Along on . . . MAKE

Kelly is having a Sew Along using a charm pack and a bit of extra fabric....

You can make your own charm packs by cutting out squares.

Drop over to Kelly's blog and read what you will need, to make a great set of bags and accessories. She has listed what you need to get together, to start sewing along with her over the next eight weeks.

I think the set she has made is just beautiful, so image the fun we can have using our own favourite colours and fabrics!!


My men have arrived safely home after their two month's travel. Just suffering the dreaded "dehli belly" which makes for discomfort at the moment. However, its great to have them home. They have amazing stories to tell of people and sights, and just a testimony of God's protection and direction all the way.