Thursday, June 6, 2013

High Tea and Beaded Milk Jug Covers

My sister-in-law had a Christmas Morning Tea at her church end of last year, then at the beginning of this year did a special afternoon tea, as one of our nieces made the big move from home, having been accepted in University in South Australia.

As a result of these special times I decided to have a High Tea (really means we'd be using all the special things for morning tea) at church for Mother’s Day. So began the fun of collecting an eclectic mix of the lovely bone china in florals, roses and pastel colours. Not only the cups, saucers and plates, but tiered cake stands, sandwich plates, teapots, sugar bowls and milk jugs. It was a lot of fun looking in any second-hand shops, with my mum helping to collecting in Perth with more second-hand shops closer by.  It was amazing how lovely and pretty everything looked in the "mix-and-match" collection.

The following are photo’s taken on the day, including a photo with my mum, sister and daughter.


I also enjoyed making some beaded milk jug covers. I had a friends daughter show me how to do this “bead netting” in pink and silver.

This next one using the coloured beads to make a flower at each intersection. The “flowers” have pink petals around a red, blue or gold centre, then two leaves on alternate sides. These are larger covers.

I made a number of smaller ones for the small milk jugs.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Gifts to Mwanza

I mentioned and showed previously the fabric bought in Mwanza and the table runners I made. One of the table runners I had made as a gift for Tammy, the American Missionary couple we stayed with. I also made gifts for some other ladies there, that have a place in my heart, along with Tammy.

I made these needlecases, embroidering their initial on the front.

Also a Japanese knot bag each. I used the pattern from Mirkwood Designs where you can make it with or without a base. I used the one without the base. Also in the past have used this pattern from littlegemsession.

Another gift for Tammy was this County Carry Bag in the Australian HOMEMADE 2005 Vol 22 No 2 magazine. Which I posted about on March 1st.

These are the photos I received from Tammy after they were happily received. I was glad they arrived safely as it took nearly a month to get to Tanzania from Australia.

Tammy's photo with the table runner on her table and the country carry bag hanging on a bag hook off the table.