Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fungus Doctor

I'm sure you're surprised to know that such an occupation exists!! A "fungus doctor".

We required his knowledge recently. My daughter noticed this very interesting fungus growing at the base of our retainer wall of our new extension. My son took a photo of it and wondered if his uncle would know what it is, who knows a lot of our native flora and trees, also does dieback mapping in the jarrah forrest here. However, he hadn't seen it before, so told my son that we'd need to send the photo to the "fungus doctor".

Here is a photo of it:

And this is what it is called: a cup fungus, Aleuria rhenana or the stalked orange peel fungus. The "fungus doctor" commented that it was a nice photo.


  1. It may be a fungus, but it sure takes a beautiful picture. Looks like a bunch of flower petals.

  2. It is an nice photo.......What an interesting shape and color. What does it grow on?

  3. Thank you Susan for your comment on my quilt. It is making progress and I am delighted.

    Your email was 'no-reply' and I do not have your email address.

    I hope you will forgive me for answering your comment this way.........

    I could look it up on the siggies but they are packed away.

  4. it is a great pic...It does look like a flower.