Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Showing you my "busyness"

My last post in November was a quick summary sharing my "busyness". So today I'm bringing you up-to-date with photo's.

Here are the "heart swap blocks" that we swapped in our local patchwork group. On the yahoo DJAlternateGroup, they had a "heart-to-heart" swap at the beginning of the year, which I didn't have time to join in. When our patchwork group talked about what swap project we could do this year, I suggeseted "hearts"!! Which they all liked.

Every two months we swapped them out.

The first month was machine pieced hearts, the second was applique hearts,

the third was embroidered hearts and the fourth was crazypatch hearts.

Each lady gave their preferred colours. It was just amazing to see the same hearts done in different colours. Everyone just loved this swap and want to do something similiar next year.

The next two posts I share about the Centenary Quilt and my daughter's knitted blanket.

Town Centenary

My town will be celebratings its centenary next year. So the local patchwork group I belong to, have decided to make a quilt as a gift to the town.

We've commenced the "fun work" on this project. At the moment I've been making the birds. You can see one example below of our "Splended Blue Wren". The ruler is to show you the size of it.

Also some of our local buildings.

The old Dingup Church is just up the road from us (southerly direction).

The Balbarrup Post Office no longer exists, it was on our road, but in the northerly direction.

I have loved making these and there is more to do. Everyone is making a different "snap-shot" picture block of something historical or modern, which will be placed over a large background scenic picture, that represents much of the scenery around here.

Knitted Blanket

I posted a whilte back "Licorise All-Sorts" about my daughter learning to knit with her class at school.

The "squares" they made I helped crochet together to be given away to someone who lost all during the bush fires at the beginning of the year. The next town north of us, Bridgetown, suffered a terrible bushfire a week before the devasting bushfires in Victoria. Thankfully no lives were lost, but at least 7 homes were completely destroyed.

One of those homes belonged to a teacher from my daughter's school. After much thought, they gave her the blanket. She was so overcome and very appreciative of the children's efforts. It meant a lot to the children as well.

As a result of this knitting, my daughter wanted to make a blanket for herself. She knitted a couple of blocks, but I knew she needed help, so her great-grandmother, both her grandmothers and myself, knitted extra blocks. It is now complete and on her bed. She loves it.
The photo shows her "modelling it" on my bed. She wants my bed, says it nice and soft!!!