Thursday, February 28, 2013

Meeting important people

I've had the opportunity to meet a couple of our State politicans since I've been a chaplain.

Firstly, our state premier, Colin Barnett, over 18months ago at my first school.  He is very supportive of the role chaplains play within the school community, and spoke at the 40th anniversary of chaplaincy and CRE in schools within WA, last year.

Then a couple of weeks ago the Minister for Police and Road Safety, Liza Harvey.

I don't envy any politicians, the pressure on their time and the tight-rope they must walk as there is always somebody that isn't happy about any decision that is made.

Friday, February 8, 2013

To ride - camels or elephants

Just over a year ago, January 2012, we were travelling and enjoying places like Malta, Cyprus, Egypt, Petra in Jordan and Israel, plus other coutnries mentioned in an earlier post.

I got to experience camel rides in Cyprus, Sinia Peninsula along side the Red Sea and Cairo, at the Great Pyramids.

I got to experience an elephant ride at Mysore Palace in India in July 2012.  (Sorry about the quality of the photo, it was taken on a friends mobile phone, as cameras were not allowed in at Mysore Palace).  It's me in the pink, an Vinolia Lincoln next to me, the pastor's wife that Justine and I stayed with while Jim was away preaching in different places. 

My impressions?  I'd have a camel ride any day, a more elegant gait then the elephant, and to think elephant rides were the ride of the "kings" - sultanas in India's history.

I count it a privilege to do the travelling I have done with my wonderful husband, and to see the amazing places and people, God in His master plan, created.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Raggedy and Friends mini quilt

A couple of years ago I really liked Kaaren’s Raggedy and Friends quilt she had as a free BOM. Visit her blog and look down the right hand side to see the patterns are still available.

I stitched the embroideries and about that time we had a small group swap in our local patchwork group. I put my stitcheries into the bag and asked if they would add pieced blocks and fabric around the stitcheries. When we swapped the bag each month we met at a local café and usually my daughter was with me. As a result she got to know the ladies and therefore the story of the quilt of how it was added and sewn too. She really liked the quilt, so I decided I would give it to her.

However, as is often the case with a UFO, it sat in the cupboard until December last year when I got it out to sandwich it and quilt, yes that’s all that needed doing!!! I gave it to her for her birthday which is two days after Christmas. It is now proudly hanging on her wall.

Raggedy Ann means something to my daughther.  When we went to pick her up in the Philippines the gifts we took her not only included a soft toy kangaroo, but pencils, paper and a Raggedy Ann colouring-in book and other itens. She remembers that very distinctly that colouring-in book and the pictures in the book.

It is interesting to read up the story behind Ann and Andy.