Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Basket Case Quilters"

I think the name "Basket Case Quilters" is a rather humourous name for a yahoo group I'm with!!
It's a free basket BOM, which has officially started this month, however, some of us were "biting at the bit" to make basket blocks sooner, so links to some free blocks on the internet helped "wet the appetite."
These are the blocks I've done so far. I'm using different basket weave fabrics for each basket, and using different background fabrics, as if they were "wallpaper prints".
I've used foundation piecing, hand piecing, machine piecing, applique and broderie perse so far.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Triplets now!!

I've been posting over the last few weeks about our lambs. Our first lamb was "Floppy Ears", the next "Tan Leg" then two weeks ago, "Cloudy". Don't you love the names!!! All females as well.

Well we doubled our lambs with the birth of triplets two evenings ago. My daughter was out taking photo's of them yesterday.

One of them is already named "Brown Coat" because of the brown marking around it's neck and shoulders. I see spotty and such like names for the other two, going by the markings they have!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Among the Gum Trees"

There is a wonderful new blog - Among The Gum Trees. Check this one out!!

In a (gum) nut-shell, this it’s what we’re all about:

A merry band of Australian designers sharing a few of their original and varied designs freely for your personal use!

Among the Gum Trees is the brainchild of Jenny of ELEFANTZ, who has brought together nine established and emerging designers to offer something new and exciting to the world - their own original designs – to download free of charge!

Free of charge?! Are we mad?! Well, no we’re not insane, but we do affectionately refer to each other as “the nutters”, and we look forward to sharing our designs, our news, and our ‘nutty’ journey with you along the way, and among the gum trees!

So when is all of this happening?

Starting on Monday 5th October and thereafter on each subsequent Monday during October and November, there will be a FREE Christmas-themed design for you to download. Nine free Christmas designs!!

Ranette's Giveaway

Ranette is having a "Truly Scrumptious" giveaway. It really is!!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Free BOM and Giveaway

Dorothy Baker is starting a free BOM stitchery "Sweet Nostalgia" - it looks just beautiful. She's also having a giveaway to launch this BOM.

My view now

A few posts back I showed a photo from my window. This is the view end of last week, as more of the buds opened up. However, it's been raining "petal confetti" so now the leaves are starting to show.

The second photo is a bit more to the right which shows the huge over 100 metre tall pine trees we have.

The third photo is taken in a different place, to show the "petal confetti" we've got around here at the moment.

"Licorise All-sorts"

I have been busy working on all sorts of other things, so patchwork and my DJ quilt are sitting on the back-burner at the moment.

I previously posted about my daughter and her class knitting project. I've been going in every Tuesday and helping with this, then two weeks ago was asked if I'd finish joining all the "squares" together. Which I willing said yes to. I also crocheted a border all around it.

While working on it, not only were there all sorts of holes, but lots of dropped stitches, that would "run" more and more when used. I picked up each run and pinned a safety pin through the stitch. My mind raced with ideas as to how to deal with this problem. Especially one square which had over 25 dropped stitches. The idea of "fish" came to mind, which grew to other ideas for other squares that had dropped stitches. The following is the result.

Other squares had lollies; sun and moon; snail and butterfly; flowers and basic shapes - circle, squares, triangle and rectangle.

I showed my daughter Monday afternoon after school. She loved it and wanted it for herself!! Yesterday I took in the completed blanket for the kids to see. They just loved it!!! Different ones asking if they could have it!!!


They are now doing different weaving projects. I have completed the circular one, as follows.