Thursday, August 12, 2010

Make A Bag Sew Along - finished

Item 3 on my 52MMMC list – is now completely complete!! I made the last two items for this set in the Make-A-Bag-Sew-Along, which were the sun-glasses case plus the bits-and-pieces pouch.

The complete set is made up of the tote, toiletries pouch, mini make-up roll, sun-glasses case and bits-and-pieces pouch.

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The Biscornu in my previous post – I had some one ask, “what is a biscornu?” This link gives the definition and how to make one.


  1. Oh and you did and do such lovely work! I LOVE the fabrics you chose for you ensemble!! I never did get in on that as I am just so busy this summer, but that is the sweetest set:)


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  3. Very pretty. Love the fabrics you chose.
    Thank you, too, for the post about the Biscornu [forgot how to spell it. lol]. Think I might make one or so of these, but in a tiny size to be scissor fobs.