Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Icecream Container . . and . . Mug Pouch?!

I mentioned two posts ago about the Re-Invention challenge by Jenny of ELEFANTZ. I can now show you what I did with the icecream container.

A few years back I saw the pattern for a mug pouch, by Christine Book, in the Australian HOMESPUN magazine No. 38 (Vol. 7 No.4). I wanted to make one then, but never did. Recently our patchwork group decided, as it’s growing “too big”!!! and to make it easier on the hostess, where we meet once a month, it was suggested to bring our own mug along. I knew exactly what I wanted to make, to take along my mug with.

I also made a couple of others for friends in the group also. So I’m using the last one I made, as the model for the process of making it and how the icecream container came in useful. I tried something new – colouring in with pencils the stitchery, painting over it with Textile Medium and iron setting it.

1. The pouch is made in two pieces, like mini quilts. With some embroidered pockets. One goes on the back for a teaspoon, and the teabags plus sugar.

2. It’s folded in a certain way, which makes sense soon…!!!

3. Embroidery completed, which I did as Crazy Quilting, as my friend loves CQ! Also a piece of icecream container. What’s if for? It will sit in the bottom of the pouch to hold the base out. I used it because I didn’t have any template plastic like the instructions suggested.

4. The pockets have been sewn on the front and the back, and now the two pieces are hand sewn together, to form the pouch.

5. The completed pouch!!!

6. Here are the three I made. The rose one is mine.

7. The back of my pouch, showing what the "spoon" pocket looks like.


  1. Wow! That is just so lovely!! You are one talented lady :)

    BTW I want to say thank you so much again for the sweet pincushion. I use it EVERY day. It's just the right size:)

  2. God... very good job!!!!
    Congratulations to you!

  3. You, my dear lady, are a genius! You know that everyone will be wanting a tutorial for making this, don't you?? What a great Christmas gift idea. ~karen

  4. I agree with Karen, Sue. You need to do a tutorial on this. We have to bring our mugs to our guild meetings as well and I just carry mine in a zip lock bag along with some paper napkins.

    This would be perfect! *hint, hint*

  5. Very cute Makes me wish I drank coffee. LOL

  6. Susan, those are so clever and so beautiful! What a wonderful idea. Don't you just love re-purposing things! I know your friends are going to love those to bits!



    P.S. I really love those embroideries...just so cute!