Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gorgeous giveaway

Gerry at olderrose is having a gorgeous giveaway.

Here are the details:

PRIZE # 1.... One of Gerry's "Rise Above it All" pincushions.... This one is blue velvet and lavishly embellished with a vintage brooch and beads, jewels and trims....... plus a tiny locket... It is 8" tall with a weighted silver base. It will never get lost in your stash.

PRIZE #2..... Keeping with the blue theme, a trio of bluebirds hand-painted by Gerry... Since these are antique mother-of-pearl buttons they are especially luminous and reflect every light source in the room..... thus are very difficult to photograph.. They are only 1" in diameter and have a metal shank in back... Although difficult to tell in the photo they are edged with gold...
Stunningly beautiful and I would love to win, sadly my name never gets a drawn in giveaways. But I will try!!!

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