Monday, May 17, 2010

Hearts and Crazy Quilting (CQ)

I blogged last year about the heart swap blocks we did in our patchwork group. One month, we swapped crazy patch hearts. I didn’t do a really “proper” crazy patch, although I did use different coloured fabrics for each section in the different colourways that each participant wanted, but it was foundation pieced really!!!

I have all the blocks put together including two special ones. One from Rosa and one from Cyn. I have a few hearts from Rosa and Cyn that will go into some pillowcases as part of the bed linen set.

I needed another row of hearts to make the quilt the size I need, for my bed, so have made the following batch, although I need two more. Another applique heart which is prepped at the moment. And a friend has offered to make the other crazy patch heart that is required.

This time I did do a “proper” crazy patch heart….and I loved doing it!! So I have discovered I want to do more CQing!!! It’ll be one of those projects I can sit and work away on at night, like I do x-stitch and eventually get through the fun embroidery and techniques. I now know I want to learn ribbon embroidery as well!!

I’m reading up on the history of CQ and more specifically, trying to learn the choice of motifs and meanings they have. So I put an anchor on my heart which represents ‘faith’. The spider and spider web have become a popular motif, which represents ‘good luck.’ I didn’t put that on my heart as one of the other crazy patchwork hearts done by a friend here, had the spider and spider web. I believe it’s walking in the steps of my Lord and His Word, that will bring peace, contentment, direction and blessing in my life.

The butterfly on the heart was using what was on that piece of fabric, it had a number of butterflies over it, so embroidered it and used the colourings for a specific butterfly from Tibet. I looked up butterflies in an encyclopaedia, for that one!!


  1. Hi Susan! Love your hearts! I used to give a workshop on CQing and did 4 samples for the ladies to choose from for their final projects. They did a heart pincushion and stocking first before that point. I did one quilt with a more modern twist to show them that CQ are what you make them. They all ended up going to a more old fashioned version though. Just another fascinating part of the Victorian period.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  2. Hi Susan, Your heart is absolutely beautiful and you did a very good on your stitching and I really think the butterfly is adorabl. I haven't had the time yet this a.m. to look thru ough your blog but from the looks of what I've scanned reading thus far, I can hardly wait until I am free to sit down with a lemonade and spend some time reading it. I am so happy for you that you found out early on that you loved cq as it is very addictive and just wait until you start collecting all the little goodies to go on your cq pieces you really will be hooked. Again, congratulations on your cq heart and looking forward to seeing many many more in the future.

  3. Gorgeous heart Susan! You are off to a roaring start here with your CQ. Lesa (CQForNewbies)

  4. Hi Susan,
    I'm also a member of Cq for Newbies! Your heart is lovely and I would never have known you were just getting started! Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the weeks ahead.
    Janet in Colorado
    (a state in southwest USA)

  5. Oh Susan, your blocks are beautiful and your embroidery work is amazing! I have not done any crazy quilting, but looks to be fun:) Looking forward to seeing more.
    Hugs & Blessings