Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Showing you my "busyness"

My last post in November was a quick summary sharing my "busyness". So today I'm bringing you up-to-date with photo's.

Here are the "heart swap blocks" that we swapped in our local patchwork group. On the yahoo DJAlternateGroup, they had a "heart-to-heart" swap at the beginning of the year, which I didn't have time to join in. When our patchwork group talked about what swap project we could do this year, I suggeseted "hearts"!! Which they all liked.

Every two months we swapped them out.

The first month was machine pieced hearts, the second was applique hearts,

the third was embroidered hearts and the fourth was crazypatch hearts.

Each lady gave their preferred colours. It was just amazing to see the same hearts done in different colours. Everyone just loved this swap and want to do something similiar next year.

The next two posts I share about the Centenary Quilt and my daughter's knitted blanket.


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  2. LOVE your hearts, Susan!!!

    I KNOW you'll be putting it all together... can't wait to see what it'll all look like!

    Read your post, on my blog and your email, too. Ran out of time, this evening to reply... and now it's time for bed.

    Tell your daughter that she did a GREAT job on her wooly quilt and that she's very lucky to have gotten all this help, to finish it! *grin*

    *off to bed*

  3. Your hearts are beautiful. I'm glad you pursued and finished. I had to drop out of the Heart Swap on DJA and never continued.
    Nice work.

  4. All those hearts are just gorgeous! You have been busy haven't you?

  5. What a super idea. I must share this with the gals from our Tuesday night quilting group. It's amazing to see all the different variations of the same subject.

  6. What a great idea for a swap! I love hearts. I have a heart wallhanging in our bedroom!

  7. Oh my, dear Susan, I think I still owe you one more HEART BLOCK. Remember the one I told you about that I designed by skewing a DJ block inside a heart shape that is appliqued? Well, dear friend, I don't think I sent it to you... Sorry. You've probably heard by now, but I had a few health snafus... am much better now. If it's not TOO LATE, I'd love to make this other block and mail it to you. Please let me know.
    Hope this little note finds you and the family all well.
    Luv n hugs,
    Cyn; -)