Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nima's Hat Pincushion

Nima has this cute crocheted hat pincushion pattern on her site. She is encouraging any of us that are willing, to make one and then post a picture of our complete hat pincushion. It is very quick, cute and pretty.
I actually added one more row:- sc, 2 ch, miss one sc, sc into next sc, all the way around to give a little frill. I was thinking of making a "ribbon" of chains in a finer pink thread to weave in out of the frill, but with the thread colours I have, it would be better if my hat was pure white, rather than the cream in this photo.

Here is mine:


  1. wow...that was super quick...and it looks gorgeous. i love the frilly edging too...thank you so much for taking time to try my pattern.

  2. Yours turned out so cute as well!Love the trim.

  3. It's so cute. I just wish I could crochet!