Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Home Alone" - Part 2

Well six weeks have gone by with my husband and son being away overseas.

They had a very successful time finding our son’s birth parents, also his siblings (older and younger), grandparents and many uncles, aunts and cousins. A Romanian Baptist Pastor, that we came to be in contact with weeks before they flew out, was such a great help. He went and found them before my husband and son got to Romania. This Pastor took them to the village and was also able to do all the interpreting, which was such a blessing.

They have been through Turkey, seeing many Biblical places and enjoying wonderful friendships, hospitality and helpfulness from the locals. They also got into Syria, though it was a bit difficult at the border and organizing the visa.

Fortunately their airflights into Europe were before the Iceland Volcano, so didn’t get affected by the events of that. They were moving around on land by then, in trains and buses. They did however, get held up at Athens during the 24hour strike, which delayed them a day from getting into Egypt and thus they missed a connecting train, tour and flight previously planned. Hubby wasn't upset about this, as he had decided, financially, the train and tour would be a bit expensive. So they just stayed in Cairo. Here's a photo I got. My son is standing in the centre near the "wire thing".

They have also spent some time in Naples and Rome and now flying to Spain.

Quilt block for 60th birthday
I’ve mentioned the patchwork group I’m with, in regards to the centenary quilt. One of the ladies has just had her 60th, so all in the group made autumn blocks, as she loves those colours. This is the block I made for her

I did raw edge applique around the cornucopia, leaves and flowers, seeing as that was a new technique I learnt while doing the centenary quilt.

Next I filled in with some embroidery.

Finally filling in with yo-yo's using the Clover Flower shape yo-yo maker.

She was presented with this quilt last week, which looked absolutely wonderful, with the blocks done by everyone else.

The pattern was from an Australian Country Threads magazine.

Shooting practice
My brother is a registered shooter and he invited, my daughter and I, out shooting one night on his friends farm. We since have gotten together and had another afternoon, this time target shooting. This is the first time I’ve done this and was quite pleased with my efforts, as you can see in the photo. My daughter did very well also.


  1. So glad your husband and son have had a nice trip.

    Your quilt blocks look wonderful and I'm sure your friend will be happy with the one you made for her.

    Nice shooting! We target practice often too. Fun!

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. Glad you're holding up OK while the guys are gone. Good to hear all is well on the journey!
    Marianne in VT

  3. I'm glad that your son had a chance to meet his biological family. As an adoptee, I really appreciated that opportunity myself. Being able to see with your own eyes what your life might have been like in a "different world" is such a blessing. It gives you yet one more reason to thank God for his immeasurable love and wisdom.

  4. It sounds like your DH and son are having a great time . What a wonderful trip for them. When are they due home?
    I love your quilt block for the 60th Birthday. It is beautiful.

  5. Glad that the trip is such a success,. and it was so nice sharing it with you!

  6. I never like being alone. Jos has had to work in Belgium more often lately but tries to come home at night when he can. Glad your DH and DS were not affected by the ash cloud. It is back again today and the airports are closed. It drifts in and out.

    Love your cornucopia block! It is just perfect. The flowers are amazing. One of the ladies in my quilt group did flowers similar but with a Japanese technique she said and they really spring off the quilt block. What a wonderful gift for you all to have made for her!

    Hugs from Holland ~