Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Knitted Blanket

I posted a whilte back "Licorise All-Sorts" about my daughter learning to knit with her class at school.

The "squares" they made I helped crochet together to be given away to someone who lost all during the bush fires at the beginning of the year. The next town north of us, Bridgetown, suffered a terrible bushfire a week before the devasting bushfires in Victoria. Thankfully no lives were lost, but at least 7 homes were completely destroyed.

One of those homes belonged to a teacher from my daughter's school. After much thought, they gave her the blanket. She was so overcome and very appreciative of the children's efforts. It meant a lot to the children as well.

As a result of this knitting, my daughter wanted to make a blanket for herself. She knitted a couple of blocks, but I knew she needed help, so her great-grandmother, both her grandmothers and myself, knitted extra blocks. It is now complete and on her bed. She loves it.
The photo shows her "modelling it" on my bed. She wants my bed, says it nice and soft!!!


  1. Lovely blanket and lovely daughter! How nice!

  2. This is going to become a special heirloom to your daughter since so many generations worked on it. And what a joy to hear about a school teaching some handwork for a change. They stopped doing that here in Holland and if they do, it is always something new and modern. They find knitting, crochet, sewing and stitching all to be too old fashioned. I find that sad. Seeing your daughter's beautiful patchwork afghan shows that any old art can be made new and modern. It looks fabulous and warm too. :-)

    Hugs ~