Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Licorise All-sorts"

I have been busy working on all sorts of other things, so patchwork and my DJ quilt are sitting on the back-burner at the moment.

I previously posted about my daughter and her class knitting project. I've been going in every Tuesday and helping with this, then two weeks ago was asked if I'd finish joining all the "squares" together. Which I willing said yes to. I also crocheted a border all around it.

While working on it, not only were there all sorts of holes, but lots of dropped stitches, that would "run" more and more when used. I picked up each run and pinned a safety pin through the stitch. My mind raced with ideas as to how to deal with this problem. Especially one square which had over 25 dropped stitches. The idea of "fish" came to mind, which grew to other ideas for other squares that had dropped stitches. The following is the result.

Other squares had lollies; sun and moon; snail and butterfly; flowers and basic shapes - circle, squares, triangle and rectangle.

I showed my daughter Monday afternoon after school. She loved it and wanted it for herself!! Yesterday I took in the completed blanket for the kids to see. They just loved it!!! Different ones asking if they could have it!!!


They are now doing different weaving projects. I have completed the circular one, as follows.


  1. I LOVE the fish idea, Susan!!!!

    And YES, you HAVE been busy! *VBG*

    When you posted on the DJalternate site that you were non-quilting busy, I thought, "Oh, she's probably looking after those darling baby lambs!"

    But nope... you were looking after the "OTHER" kind of baby lambs!

    Tks for sharing, my friend!


  2. I love the idea of the fish, butterflies and flowers! Very creative.
    I haven't seen wool weaving like that before. The pattern in the very centre looks great!