Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Triplets now!!

I've been posting over the last few weeks about our lambs. Our first lamb was "Floppy Ears", the next "Tan Leg" then two weeks ago, "Cloudy". Don't you love the names!!! All females as well.

Well we doubled our lambs with the birth of triplets two evenings ago. My daughter was out taking photo's of them yesterday.

One of them is already named "Brown Coat" because of the brown marking around it's neck and shoulders. I see spotty and such like names for the other two, going by the markings they have!!


  1. Awwe so cute!!!

    Have you had triplet lambs before?? That must be very rare!

  2. They are so cute! We have two goats and they are very social. Are lambs social as well?

  3. They are so darn cute.

    I collect lamb and sheep memorabelia and I've painted many landscapes with sheep and lambs in a pastoral setting.

    Thanks for sharing, Susan.

  4. Lovely sweaters with legs..........

  5. I love to see the newborn lambs here in Dunfanaghy too. Wonderful pics!

  6. Adorably darling!!! Never seen triplets before. TY for sharing. Have a beautiful weekend. tTFN ~Marydon

  7. I adore lambs! It is funny to see them now that we are into autumn. I have to remind myself in the differences in our seasons. Lambs are one of the best things about the spring season.

    Hugs ~