Friday, July 3, 2009

Past Christmas Gifts

A couple of years ago hubby made the suggestion that for Christmas we make or give something we already have, as gifts in our immediate family.

I was very happy with the idea, an “excuse” to make something different.

The first Christmas for my son – I converted a cartoon he had drawn, in to a small wall hanging.

My daughter got a Manicure Set from HOMESPUN March 2007

I was taken with the knitted Plum Puddings in HANDMADE Vol 24 No 12 (2007). I knitted up three of them for a small display. I made some extras as the Christmas Swap gift for our local patchwork group.

IDEA: If you make something you like, make another one and keep it in store for a birthday gift, “just because” gift or Christmas gift. I do this often. I figure if I “like” something, then someone else would too!!

Last year I made a valet tray for my son, from COUNTRY THREADS Vol 8 No 8 (2008). It involved recycling a skirt.

For my daughter she got a Babushka Doll from HANDMADE Vol 25 No 10 (2008).

My daughter celebrates her birthday two days after Christmas, which means I have to be very organized for her. For her 10th birthday she got Little Miss Mushroom from HOMESPUN.

I added the magazine details, because I know I often see something someone has made and "wonder where that pattern is"!!


  1. good to see your creative finishes

  2. Hi Susan and welcome to blogland!!
    My name is Robyn and I have popped on over from Julia's place.
    There are so many wonderful people in the blogging community who are so talented in many different areas.
    Enjoy the inspiration and the neat friendships you'll make along the way!
    I love your gift ideas. Bye for now.
    Robyn xx

  3. Welcome to blogland..........enjoy your journey.........

  4. Welcome, Susan, to blogging! Julia suggested we stop by. So glad I did! I love the gift ideas and the things you have made!
    Have a wonderful weekend! And enjoy blogging!

  5. I also love your life verse! I too am a Christian! So I guess I should have said, "Greetings, Sister!"

  6. What wonderful gifts for your family.... treasures to keep forever! Susan, you do incredible work! Everything you made is absolutely fabulous! Hugs, Elaine in SLO, Ca

  7. Hi Susan, welcome to blogland. I came via Julie's blog. Please hop on over to my blog, I am having a rename my blog contest and have some pretty neat gifts to giveaway!

  8. Welcome to bloggy-land, Susan ... pop over & visit/follow me ... have a wonderful 4th. TTFN ~Marydon

  9. Oh my golly... you made it to blog-land, Susan! Congratulations. It looks great.
    Your work is so lovely. I'm glad you will be sharing it with all of us in your new blog. I've added myself as a follower and look forward to visiting again...

  10. Looking good Susan..
    Nice to see blogging friends have popped over to welcome you.
    Look forward to lots of lovely posts..
    Julia ♥

  11. Hello there Susan, Welcome to blogging. I love the book collection and the quote about going without to get the books!! Have a great weekend.

  12. Welcome to blogland, hope you enjoy blogging. Love your creative gifts.

  13. Welcome to blogging! I followed the link from Julia's blog. Hope you enjoy meeting all the wonderful blogging people that are out there!

  14. Congratulations Susan. Thank you for sharing your blog with us and knowing how addicted you are to craft, how do you find the time to blog? Well done. Kathy from Manjimup Patchworkers

  15. Lovely blog Susan,

    Funnily enough I bought the copy of Country Threads at an op-shop in Fremantle last week and yesterday as well as watching the football on TV, I read the article on the gent's valet. This got me itching to "thrifting" to look for beautiful Harris Tweeds etc. Yours looks gorgeous.

    Sue Caissy

  16. Lovely blog Susan! Thank you for your email :-) I am happy to know your daughter is enjoying the sweet Little Miss Mushroom that you made. I also designed the Babushka doll in Handmade and I think you have done a fantastic job with the pattern - I hope you enjoyed making her too :-)