Thursday, April 1, 2010

Almost "Home Alone"

Early Tuesday morning April 6th, my husband and son fly overseas for two months.

The primary reason is to visit Romania and see if they are successful in finding our son's birth mother. They will travel to many other countries including visits to many Biblical sites, such as the Seven Churches of Revelation and Mt Ararat.

Initially they fly from here, to Kuala Lumpar, to London, then to Poland for their first stop. They'll visit some of the concentration camps, before going onto Romania by train.
Would value your prayers, especially on Saturday, April 10th - the day he may see his birth mother.

From their they will catch the train across to Istanbul, Turkey, spending nearly two weeks in Turkey. Other countries will include Syria, Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Ireland and finally India, to visit one of our church families who have gone to teach at a Christian School for two years.
Over the coming two months, I will mention some of the places they visit and how things go for them.


  1. Wow, that's quite a trip they have planned. What a long time they will be gone. I hope everything goes well with your son's meeting with his birth mother. My life has been touched by adoption recently too. A good friend of mine (though much younger) and her husband have been trying to adopt for years. Her husband had cancer, so they had to wait for him to be cancer-free for 3 years to try to adopt again. Anyway, out of the blue, last week they got the call in the middle of the night, to come pick up their beautiful, perfect 4 day old son. It is so exciting! Frightening though too, in the U.S. the birth mother has 90 days to change her mind. I can only imagine how attached they will be to the little guy in 90 days! I pray she doesn't change her mind.

    I look forward to hearing about the trip. BTW, I think I might have one of your siggies from the 2008 DJ siggy swap. Is that possible? They're still in the bag they came in. Sigh. So much else to do!

    Susan in Texas

  2. That is some trip!!! What an experience for both your son and DH. I hope all goes well with his visit to his biological mum. You must be feeling a little empty nest at the moment and also a little anxious. Will keep your family in my prayers for a safe journey and return home. Take care yourself.. hugs Elly

  3. Good luck to all of you - the guys in their travels and those who stay home, waiting and wishing them well. Sounds like quite an adventure!

  4. Oh My, that is quite a trip for your husband and son. As well as a lonely time for you and your daughter. I pray all goes well for your son's visit with biological mom. Our 2 adopted children thus far have no desire to meet their biological mothers...time will tell, they are 18 & 19.
    Your husband and son will get to see so many interesting places, how very wonderful for them. Is there still a trip to the states in the future? Hoping so:)
    You and your daughter take care. I will be praying for all of you:)
    Hugs, Prayers, & Blessings,

  5. Good luck with the trip! I hope that they find the birth mother. I know that would be wonderful for your son!